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Oladance 打造完美運動拍檔,OWS Sports 開放式運動耳機滿足好動用家所有需求

Oladance creates the perfect sports partner, OWS Sports open-back sports headphones meet all the needs of active users

Many sports headphones use bone conduction design, claiming to improve the user's wearing experience and safety in outdoor sports. However, bone conduction technology mainly transmits sound through vibration, and the low-frequency performance is often weak. Fully open-back headphones use air conduction sound technology to accurately focus and transmit sound to the user's hearing organs, so they can restore sound details in fine detail.
OWS Sports This sports headset fully responds to sports enthusiasts' desire for sound quality, wearing stability and all-weather use environment. At the same time, it can provide a zero-squeeze and zero-clogging non-sensory wearing experience for running, cycling, swimming and other sports enthusiasts. , creating a perfect music companion.

✅ Home theater-level amplifier chip ✅ Physical noise cancellation, clear calls ✅ Air conduction sound technology (non-bone conduction)
✅ Ear-hook design, not easy to loose ✅ IPX 8 high-efficiency waterproof and sweatproof ✅ Up to 15 hours of battery life ✅ Lightweight and comfortable to wear ✅ High comfort and stylish design
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