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Theragun Relief極致輕巧便攜 10mm衝擊治療照顧日常紓緩需要

Theragun Relief's ultra-lightweight and portable 10mm impact therapy cares for daily relief needs

For general amateur sports enthusiasts, or users who want to use a massage gun to relieve muscle tension and fatigue, Theragun Relief, launched simultaneously by Therabody, can be said to be the best assistant.
Theragun Relief uses scientifically proven percussion massage therapy to quickly and effectively relieve daily muscle pain, tension and stiffness.
Theragun Relief also adopts an ergonomic triangle handle design. No matter whether the user holds any handle on the triangle, it can maintain excellent balance and can massage different parts of the body more comfortably and flexibly. The massage gun provides a 10mm vibration amplitude massage function. With the three massage gun heads attached to the machine, it can massage different muscles throughout the body, relieve daily pain and improve sleep quality. The body is equipped with a physical key, which is simple and easy to use. Theragun Relief has a net weight of 642g, making it easy to carry around and use when traveling abroad. It also makes it easier and more comfortable for you to use than before.

✅ One-button control, easy to use ✅ Patented human body triangle handle, easier to access the massage position ✅ Balanced handle, improved leverage ✅ 10mm amplitude, helps relieve daily pain and improve sleep quality ✅ Professional design for different muscles and needs Accessories
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