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Therabody 第6代旗艦級按摩槍 Theragun PRO Plus

Therabody 6th generation flagship massage gun Theragun PRO Plus

Comprehensive upgrade, injecting hot and cold massage functions to help experienced users relieve pain and speed up their recovery. The new product not only retains the 16 mm amplitude deep impact treatment technology that is the best among similar products, but also adds near-infrared light therapy and alternating hot and cold therapy, greatly improving its applicability. range, especially suitable for senior users who love sports. The newly introduced breathing exercise function can also help users relax their stress and comprehensively take care of their physical and mental health.

✅ Professional tool for deep muscle therapy combined with red light therapy with comprehensive functions ✅ Personalized massage experience with multi-functional gun head and both hot and cold therapy ✅ Ergonomically designed precise vibration frequency to achieve scientific analgesic effect ✅ Rich preset massage programs with real-time heart rate guidance Breathing training✅ LCD screen displays massage data Bluetooth connection dedicated program is more versatile
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