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[New] HoverAir X1 Smart Pocket Sized Self-Flying Camera

by Hover
Original price $3,698.00 - Original price $3,898.00
Original price
$3,698.00 - $3,898.00
Current price $3,698.00

HoverAir X1 Smart

Experience the Future of Flight with the Japanese Limited Edition

Discover the next generation of drones – lighter, quieter, and smarter.

Camera: 2.7K Image Quality, Portable, and only 99g. No need for registration in Japan or other regions.

Flight Modes: 8 options (Hover, Follow, Zoom Out, Orbit, Bird’s Eye, Snapshot, Dolly Track, Side Track)

Smart Control Mode: Gesture commands for pausing, switching modes, Zoom Out, Bird’s Eye, and other shooting functions.

Image and Video Capture: 2.7K/30fps Sharp Image and HDR Video Capture

Lightweight and Portable: Only 99g

Memory: 32GB internal

Battery: 690mAh lithium battery with a double charging hub supporting a 5000mAh lithium battery

Dimensions: 114mm x 142mm x 27mm

Registration: Not required in Japan. *For accurate and updated rules, or to check no-fly zones, refer to the official website before use.

Combo Set Includes:

Battery + Extra Battery + Charging Hub (recharges 2.5 times), total flight time 45 minutes.


color: black


Change the game with AI.

A Game-Changer in the Sky (still weighing only 99g)

Compact and Light: Under 100g, making it exempt from registration. Fly in minutes with easy setup!

Limitless Shooting Modes

Unlock new perspectives and capture stunning angles with ease. Let your creativity soar!

Intelligent Flight Paths

Maintain height and hover, adapting smoothly to your movements.

One-Touch Wonder

Land and take off from your palm effortlessly. The internal gimbal ensures smooth flights, perfect for beginners and pros alike.


Capture Your Vision

Equipped with a high-end Qualcomm® chip, AI face recognition, VIO tech, and ToF LIDAR laser, for precise, high-end photography anywhere you go.


Advanced Smart Modes

Hover: Capture bursts of creativity.

Front-Follow: Automated tracking from the front.

Side-View: Like a loyal companion, capturing side shots.


Incredibly Light, Exceptionally Stable

With a stabilizer, EIS, and advanced anti-shake technology, shoot stable videos even in Level 4 winds. Record every moment in perfect clarity.


Pocket-Sized Power

Super compact design that fits in your palm. Ideal for travel – no more bulky selfie sticks. Your ultimate outdoor companion!



Endless Possibilities with the HOVER App

Manually adjust height, distance, and angle while checking real-time views from the camera. AI noise reduction ensures crystal-clear audio in your videos.

App Tutorial: