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Welcome to Leader Radio Technologies
Welcome to Leader Radio Technologies


Theragun PRO (5th Generation)

Original price $4,899.00 - Original price $4,899.00
Original price
$4,899.00 - $4,899.00
Current price $4,899.00

Product main functions:
-The newly designed EQ 150 brushless motor adopts QuietForce Technology™️ patented technology, reducing noise by 20%
-The device has 4 built-in visual guidance plans that can be displayed through the OLED screen
-6 high-quality massage heads, providing personalized recovery options (medium ball, shock-absorbing ball, finger-shaped head, wedge-shaped head, SuperSoft head and new - micro nodding)
-Packaged with sustainable materials, using 85% less plastic than previous generations of products
-Total battery life of 150 minutes
-Sync with the Therabody app to control your device and personalize your recovery process

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