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Welcome to Leader Radio Technologies


Amazfit Cheetah series smart sports watches

by Amazfit
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The Amazfit Cheetah series of smart sports watches, equipped with high-precision MaxTrack™ global satellite positioning technology and Zepp Coach™ artificial intelligence coaching functions, Cheetah can not only meet the needs of more than 150 sports recordings, but is also an inevitable choice for running enthusiasts. The new watch provides ultra-accurate running training data. Based on the user's personal training records, it can tailor a training plan that is more efficient and reduces the risk of injury, and can accurately predict the user's completion time and average when participating in events of different distances. Speed ​​helps users continue to break through their limits.


-Dual-Band GPS & Route Navigation
-Advanced Running Partner
-AI-Powered Training Support
-Streamlined Sports Design
-Long Battery Life