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終極冷暖解決方案 全天候智能頸戴式溫度調節器 COOLIFY Cyber 智能應對盛夏寒冬

The ultimate cooling and heating solution, the all-weather smart neck-worn thermostat COOLIFY Cyber ​​intelligently copes with summer and cold winters

A new generation of all-weather smart neck-worn thermostat COOLiFY Cyber. The new product continues the brand's design philosophy of pursuing both fashionable simplicity and practicality. It uses the latest ergonomic design and materials to completely enhance the comfort of users. At the same time, it introduces new temperature control technology so that COOLiFY Cyber ​​can face the challenges of Hong Kong's seasonal changes. , truly warm in winter and cool in summer❄️❄️ Coolify Cyber

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Product Highlights ✨✨ ✅ Extremely fast cooling up to 37°F in 1 second ✅ 3 modes: freezing mode / fan mode / heating mode ✅ 6000 mAh power, can be used while charging ✅ LED screen displays battery life and setting mode ✅ Adopts Ku 3.0 Chip surround cooling, improves cooling performance by 7 times ✅ Exclusively independently developed Coology technology, intelligently controlled heating and cooling design ✅ Super large 3D air flow, adjust hot and cold degrees according to personal preferences ✅ Created exclusive ErgoFit ergonomic C-shaped patent, which fits the neck tightly ✅Comfortable wearing experience, greatly reducing shoulder and neck pressure✅ Up to 7 directions of air outlets


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