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The Dash

The Dash by Bragi is the world’s first Hearable, a smart wearable system that is worn in
your ears. This pair of truly wireless smart earphones allows you to listen to music, track your performance and communicate.
The Dash’s design and state of the art technology allows freedom of movement, great sound and maximum comfort – all while tracking movement, capturing biometric data and providing live acoustic feedback. Our user interface encompasses audio and voice feedback, body and motion gestures, a novel optical touch interface and biometric sensors. The Dash entertains, enables and protects you.

The outer surface of The Dash contains a high-resolution optical touch interface called EarTouch. All music, telephony and tracking functions are controlled with finger swipes and taps – even while swimming. Enhanced safety is delivered through Audio Transparency, increasing awareness of your surroundings. The sounds of oncoming cars, cyclists or peoples voices can be heard clearly while wearing The Dash.

The Dash comes with a portable Charger, providing up to 5 recharges on the go and acting as the connection hub for exchanging data between The Dash and your computer.



The Dash consists of a pair of discrete and truly wireless stereo earphones. They play music either through a Bluetooth connection or standalone using the internal 4GB music player. Everything about the design is focused on delivering great sound, wearing-comfort and freedom of movement.


The Dash works in harmony with you. With the integrated 9-axis accelerometers and pulse oximeter, it measures your vital signs non-invasively while you walk, run, bike or swim. The Dash provides real-time audio feedback on your current heart rate, steps taken and activity duration, allowing you to focus freely on your activity.

With upcoming software updates The Dash will become even more powerful when it comes to measuring your body vitals and performance. Look forward to keep track of your oxygen saturation level, distance, pace, cadence, G-force and more ...

Bragi uses standard BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) services for exchanging data between The Dash and a connected device. This allows most 3rd party applications to use The Dash as a sensor, just connect and get live data
right away!


The Dash is also a high quality Bluetooth Headset that delivers voice signals through our patented EarBone Microphone. It is not sensitive to background noise since it converts vibrations of the vocal folds through the bone and tissues of the head into electrical signals.

The Dash provides impressive passive noise cancellation, reducing outside noise to a minimum. At the same time you can choose to channel ambient sound into your ear through Bragi’s Audio Transparency feature. A quick swipe on the EarTouch interface will enable ambient sound to pass through, making your device acoustically transparent. 


Ears are unique to each person:

In order to create the design for an earphone that would go beyond merely providing a comfortable fit, Bragi made three-dimensional scans of hundreds of ears. Many different organic shapes were tested to find the PerfectFit resulting in four distinct silicone FitSleeves (XS/S/M/L) which are included in every Dash package. All along with its lightweight design,
a three-point secure fit system ensures that The Dash sits perfectly in a broad range of ears while walking, running, biking or swimming.


What ensures The Dash PerfectFit:

› Three-point secure fit system
› No wires getting tangled or pulling out the
› Lightweight
› Ergonomic design
› FitSleeves in four sizes (XS, S, M, L) 






The Dash
The Dash
The Dash
The Dash
The Dash
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